Birch tar (Oleum Rusci)

Birch tar is a natural liquid product that is obtained by processing (dry distillation) of birch wood. Externally, birch tar is a viscous, thick oily liquid of a dark-brownish and black color with a sharp specific smell.
The birch tar composition is extremely rich. It contains a huge amount of useful substances. Also, this product contains carcinogens in a small amount. Unfortunately, the removal of these substances from the composition will lead to the loss of all the therapeutic properties of this natural remedy.
Birch tar is used in medicine and cosmetology.
Due to the birch tar rich composition, this remedy is widely used for treating of various diseases. Among the huge list of useful properties of tar, the following can be distinguished: antiseptic; anti-inflammatory; antimicrobial; antiparasitic; antifungal. The unique properties of birch tar are widely used in cosmetology. The use of cosmetics, based on birch tar, helps in solving the following problems:
• Oily and problematic facial skin. This natural antiseptic relieves irritation and inflammation, helps to get rid of acne. Tar-based preparations effectively cleanse the skin and normalize the sebaceous glands.
• Oily scalp and hair, dandruff and hair loss. The use of cosmetics containing tar will soothe irritated scalp, relieve itching and redness. Due to birch tar antifungal properties, it will get rid of dandruff and the accompanying hair loss.

Before using this product, carefully read the special instructions and contraindications for the use of this product. Birch tar is a very powerful natural remedy, has a highly concentrated composition, and its indiscriminate use can lead to serious consequences for the body.
Very IMPORTANT! It is strictly forbidden to use pure undiluted birch tar inside, as this can cause significant harm to the body and cause severe poisoning.

Storage conditions and expiration date
No special conditions are required for the storage of tar, except that the storage place should be dark. The expiration date of pure birch tar is approximately 5 years.