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maslo-kedrovoeCedar essential oil has been very popular for a long time ago. Because of amazing healing properties this unique means is very successfully used in folk medicine, cosmetology and perfumery. In Russia the main source to obtain the cedar essential oil is the Siberian cedar.

The Siberian cedar is an evergreen coniferous tree growing up to 40-50 meters in height with a thick crown. The life expectancy of this mighty tree may be as high as 500-800 years. In Siberia the cedar has been a venerated tree, a breadwinner for all the Siberian forest well known as Taiga. Its tasty nuts are valuable source of nutrients. And healing properties of the Siberian cedar and all its components such as essential oil, gallipot and other have been used in folk medicine for many centuries.

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The ssential oil is obtained by processing of needles, chopped bark and young shoots through a steam distillation. It is also worth mentioning the cedar essential oil is a natural and organic product because the Siberian cedar grows only in ecologically clean areas without using of chemical fertilizers.



The cedar essential oil is transparent liquid with a viscous consistence and brightly pronounced coniferous, wood and even nutmeg fragrance. The oil may have from yellowish or amber color to orange or brown.



Content of the cedar essential oil includes more 50 bioactive elements in the balance ratio. Because of this the healing power of the cedar oil is very strong. The most important of them are terpenes (cedrin, cedrenol etc.), phytoncides, alkaloids, tannins, camphor, carotene, a big amount of vitamins C and E and a lot of useful microelements as well.


Applications in folk medicine

Because of reach content the cedar essential oil is used in the treatment of many deceases. The main useful properties are following:

– antiseptic; – antivirus; – antibacterial; – anti-inflammatory; – immunomodulatory; – healing; – analgesic; – expectorant; – antifungal; – binder.

The cedar essential oil as a part of aromatherapy is very effective in case of illnesses. The use of the cedar essential oil in aroma lamps helps to clean air from pathogens and increase the immunity.

Inhalations with the cedar essential oil are very useful in the treatment of airways deceases with strong cough. Because of its expectorant feature the cedar oil helps to clean the airways in case of moisture cough and decrease the irritant in case of dry cough.

Also the cedar essential oil is very useful in the treatment both of deceases of musculoskeletal system and injuries or fractures. The cedar oil helps decrease inflammation and pain by rubbing the oil into sore spot. Before this procedure you should heat your sore spot with warm compress.

Compresses with the cedar essential oil can help to heal head pains as well. And it may be any reason of this head pain.

The cedar essential oil is a health product for the cardiovascular system, for improving of the blood circulation, the blood vessels state and the blood chemical content.

Because of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties and also its ability to penetrate deep into the skin tissue, the cedar essential oil is very effectively in the treatment of different skin deceases. It is available to eliminate skin irritation, redness and inflammatory.

Also the cedar essential oil is used in the treatment of burnings and frostbites. In these cases it should mix the cedar oil with any fat means. It may be other base oil, cream or animal fat.

The cedar essential oil has diuretic action. The taking of the cedar oil increases the number of urinations thereby eliminating excessive liquid from the body. And it contributes to eliminate toxins and uric acid as well.

The cedar essential oil activates the work of the central nervous system, stimulates physical and mental activity, avoids from stresses. And it is the most important the cedar oil does all these things without harm to health.

Also the cedar essential oil is a rather strong aphrodisiac. And although the cedar oil is not included into the list of generally recognized aphrodisiacs the aromatherapy with this oil can help to increase sexual desire and make the romantic atmosphere.

Besides the cedar essential oil contributes to normalize hormonal balance, restore a female cycle and also has a positively effect during climacteric period.

Also the cedar essential oil is recommended to use in the treatment of fungal deceases. For these cases you should apply the cedar oil onto the sore spots pointwise.


The ways to use in folk medicine

The cedar essential oil is used both externally and internally. Getting in the cedar essential oil doesn’t decay in a stomach and an intestine but it gets into the blood and enriches it with vitamins and minerals. But you should take the cedar essential oil only in the diluted form (just 1-2 drops and not more) or as a part of different mixtures, tinctures or balms.

! You must not take the cedar essential oil in the pure form as well as on an empty stomach. Also the total amount of the cedar oil must not be higher than recommended dosages to avoid poisoning.

The main approach of the cedar essential oil applying is its external use. Most often it is used for rubbings. For this you should mix the cedar essential oil (some drops) with other base oil or any fat. You can also apply the pure cedar oil. But you must be careful in this case because it can lead to skin irritant.

Other common approaches of the external use are baths with the cedar essential oil, inhalations, and mouthwashes. You can use this essential oil in aromatherapy.


Applications in cosmetology

Essential oils are used in cosmetology more than one millennium. And the cedar essential oil is a not exception. Its components effect on face skin as follow:

  • Because of its ability to penetrate deeply inside, the cedar essential oil as a part of masks helps mask components to get inside deeply into skin and have a more effect.
    Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects that is very important for owners of problem skin.
  • Improving of skin cell regeneration. Such renewal at the cellular level is the main factor of youth that is very important for owners of aging skin.
  • Regulating of oily skin. Components of the cedar essential oil regulate the sebaceous glands and improve metabolic processes in the cells.

Also the cedar essential oil is famous for its amazing effect on a hair and head skin state. Regular use of the cedar oil strengthens hair roots and makes every hair strong and shiny thereby helping to solve such problem as hair loss.

Besides the cedar essential oil helps to solve such problems as dandruff and oily head skin. Because of the reach content, the cedar oil normalizes the sebaceous glands and because of its antifungal features, the cedar oil helps to eliminate the dandruff.

Also in according to its lymph drainage property and getting inside ability the cedar essential oil is successfully used in the fight against cellulite. Massage with the cedar essential oil as well in the pure form as a part of anti-cellulite means helps to smooth the body skin and avoid from so named “an orange peel”.

In addition, thanks to antiseptic, healing and soothing properties, the cedar essential oil is often added to aftershaves and means after a hair removal.


Applications in perfumery

In modern perfumery a cedar fragrance is the one of the most important wood along with sandal, patchouli and other. Therefore the cedar essential oil includes very often to man toilet water and cologne.

Besides the cedar essential oil is often used as a flavor in the production of different cosmetics and perfumery, for example in the production of soap.



  • It is prohibited to take the cedar essential oil inside in cases of the deceases of the digestive system. The cedar oil has chemical content which can cause irritant of damaged mucous membranes.
  • Kidney or liver deceases, epilepsy.
  • Period of pregnancy and lactation, childhood under 1 year.
  • Individual intolerance to components of the cedar essential oil. You can have an allergy to the cedar oil. It is recommended to test for allergy before use. For this you should put an oil drop onto your skin. If you have no an allergic reaction in a 24 hours (irritant, rash) you can use the cedar essential oil.
  • It is not recommended to mix the use of the cedar essential oil with alcohol.


Conditions of storage and shelf life

Since all essential oils are degraded under influence of sunshine and oxygen you should to store the cedar oil into a tightly closed glass container in the dark place. The temperature of the storage should be from 0 to 25 degrees.

If you follow these conditions the shelf life of the cedar essential is up 2 years.

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