Cedar gallipot

березовый деготьGallipot is a resin of coniferous trees. This is a fragrant and sticky substance, a secretion of coniferous trees (pine, fir, larch) that is appeared in case of the tree bark damage. Then the gallipot solidifies on the bark surface and creates a protective barrier which defends the tree against pathogenic microorganisms and insect pests.  

Already in the old years the people found out as well the gallipot heals and protects the tree as it can heal and protect human health. People collected, kept it and thanked the trees for help and healing. Because of its amazing properties the gallipot is very popular at the present time. It is obtained at the industrial level at now.

The source of the cedar gallipot in Russia is the Siberian cedar pine, better known as the Siberian cedar.  

2015-07-ed10e2a4dcd9bff834de23d679a79e30__rsu-1000-800The Siberian cedar (lat. Pinus Sibirica) is an evergreen coniferous tree up to 40-50 meters in height with a dense crown. That mighty plant is a long-liver between other trees. Its longevity can reach to 500-800 years. The main habitat of the Siberian cedar is the Western and Eastern Siberia and Altai region as well. For a long time the Siberian cedar has been revered among local people. It has been the symbol of immortality and mighty power. Also people have been known about healing properties of the Siberian cedar. All the cedar components have been used as medicaments: needles, bark, young sprouts and so on. Its main value is delicious cedar nuts, essential oil and, of course, the cedar gallipot. It is the gallipot of the Siberian cedar has the highest value among the gallipots of other coniferous trees. The medications based on the cedar gallipot are widely used in various areas such as medicine, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology.



Externally, the gallipot is a viscous substance with a sticky consistence of yellowish color. It has a pronounced tar and wood flavor. Also the gallipot can be in the solid form since it hardens quickly under the influence of oxygen.  



The gallipot of any coniferous tree contains of:

  • Volatile substances (32-35%) – monoterpenes (a- и b- penenes, b-phellandrenes, camphene, karen, limine etc.);
  • diterpenes, sekswiterpenes and it derivatives (8-10%);
  • resin acids (77-77.5%);
  • fat acids (0.3%) – lauric, palmitic, palmitoleic, oleic, stearic etc.;
  • resin alcohol;
  • vitamins;
  • macro- and microelements;
  • amber acid.

Gallipots of coniferous trees differ from each other in the content of neutral substances. And the gallipots have a healing effect which depends on these substances. The neutral substances are on average from 6 to 20% of the total weight:

  • in the cedar gallipot – 7-10% (cembran, siembran, isocembrol etc.).


Applications in medicine

Gallipots of all the coniferous trees have pronounced antibacterial, antiseptic, analgesic, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antivirus, antifungal, complex restorative, immunomodulatory effects.

First and foremost the cedar gallipot is an excellent means to stimulate metabolic processes and blood circulation in the brain. It helps to improve the brain activity in cases of injuries and deceases related to impairments of blood circulation in the brain (memory impairment, speech dysfunction etc.). Also the cedar gallipot can be useful in the treatment of decease like Alzheimer’s. It is very advisable to use the cedar gallipot in case of such serious viral infections as meningitis, encephalitis and other.

Besides the cedar gallipot, like gallipot of other coniferous trees, is very effective in the prevention and treatment of many different diceases:

Viral and infectious deceases. Although it is assessed that the fir gallipot has a strongest antibacterial effect, gallipots of other coniferous trees have a similar property in some way. The gallipot is a natural antibiotic. Its antibacterial effect is not less than modern chemical antibiotics.

Deceases of the digestive system: stomach and duodenal ulcer, gastritis with acid’s low, gallstone decease, colitis, enterocolitis. The treatment by the gallipot restores the mucous lining, normalizes the digestive tract, improves the liver and pancreas function and also stimulates the secretion of the bile and its outflow.

Deceases of the cardiovascular system: cardiac angina, tachycardia, coronary heart decease, different inflammatory deceases of heart and blood vessels, varicose veins, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis. The cedar gallipot and the balms based on it reduce the blood viscosity, strengthen walls of the blood vessels and normalize the blood pressure.

Respiratory deceases: pneumonia, bronchitis, respiratory illnesses, angina (tonsillitis), pharyngitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, adenoiditis and accompanying strong cough. 

Skin deceases and traumatic injuries: furuncles, carbuncles, trophic ulcers, acne, fistulas, blisters, scabies, herpes, diathesis, fungus, psoriasis, eczema, shingles, burning and frostbites, scratching and abrasions, insect bites. The gallipot disinfects the damaged area of skin and accelerates regeneration processes. In this scars will not be formed.

Deceases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, rickets, rheumatism and related deceases of the peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, plexitis, neuritis, neuralgia). The gallipot is used externally as a part of ointment, oil or cream to reduce a pain and an inflammatory process. It also stimulates regeneration processes in the tissue of locomotive organs.

Deceases of the endocrine system: different thyroid pathologies, diabetes. The gallipot use is very useful in the treatment of different inflammatory thyroid deceases. It also normalizes blood sugar.

Disorders of the central nervous system, psychological and emotional state. The gallipot contributes to relieve a stress, irritability, a head pain. It also eliminates insomnia, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, increases efficiency.

Deceases of the genitourinary system: kidney and bladder deceases, urolithiasis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, prostate adenomas, E.D.). the gallipot has diuretic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effects. Medicaments with the gallipot accelerate recovery.

Mouth and gum deceases. The gallipot is used to disinfect and deodorize the mouth cavity, against inflammations of the gum and also to restore the mucous linings. It is applied in the prevention and treatment of dental deceases (pulpitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontal deceases).

Eye deceases. For a long time ago many people knew the gallipot is able to heal any eye decease: cataract, eyesore (corneal opacity) and different eye inflammations.

Gynaecological deceases: inflammatory and infectious decease (colpitis, cervicitis, erosions, vaginitis, vaginosis, candidiasis, mastitis) and also cracked nipples which arise in the breastfeeding. For the greater effect you can mix external and internal use of the gallipot and medicaments with it. Also the internal use helps to increase lactation in the postpartum period and also to reduce to minimum discomfort and pain in the premenstrual period.

Oncological deceases. There is a twofold opinion about usefulness the gallipot in the treatment of oncological deceases. There are indications that the use of the gallipot increases sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy.  But once there is an opinion the gallipot activates cancer cell growth that can accelerate decease progression. The least that can be said the use of the gallipot and medicaments with it are suitable nicely to reduce a risk of cancer.

Body detoxification. Use of the gallipot stimulates the body renewal at the cellular level, eliminates of accumulated residuals, toxins and parasites. It is the cedar gallipot is used in the famous “Siberian cleaning”, the popular method of the body cleaning and renewal.

In addition to the useful chemical content, the Siberian cedar has more amazing healing properties. The thing is the Siberian cedar has a very mighty energy. Its energetic power coincides practically with energetic power of the health human organism. Therefore the cedar gallipot being in contact with human body begins immediately to normalize all the body cell processes leading to their balanced functioning. Besides, the gallipot energy effects positively on the conscience, calms the nerves, makes the thinking clear and helps to take right decisions. So the cedar gallipot is a healing remedy for not only the human body, but also for a soul.


The ways to use in medicine

At the present time there are a lot of finished medical, cosmetic remedies and even different bioactive supplements based on the gallipot. You can use such finished products. You can use the gallipot independently as well. The advantage of independent preparing of healing remedies based on the gallipot that you will be sure in 100% quality of the product. Also it is very simply to prepare and use such remedies.

There are many simple receipts to prepare them for internal use (teas, infusions) and many simple procedures for external use (rubbing, massage, inhalation therapy, dropping, baths) at home.

The most common method of the use both internal and external is preparing an oily solution based on the gallipot, so named “The gallipot balm”. Such balm is a universal remedy which has a more healing effect than each its component in isolation.

To prepare the gallipot balm you should dissolve the natural gallipot in any vegetable oil which’s picked in according to decease. The best version of the gallipot balm is the balm based on the gallipot and the cedar nut oil. Such the gallipot balm is named “Turpentine balm”. Concentration of the gallipot in this balm depends on type and difficulty of decease as follow:

  • internal use – from 1 to 5% of the gallipot;
  • external use – from 5 to 100%.


Preparing of the Turpentine balm at home conditions

For preparing the turpentine balm you will need just two components: the cedar gallipot in the pure form and the cedar nut oil.

At first, you must pick concentration of the cedar gallipot in percentage terms. It depends on purpose and method of the use of this balm. For example, if you need 10% then you should dissolve 100 gram of the cedar gallipot in 1 liter of the cedar nut oil. Or if you need 20% then you should dissolve 200 gram of the cedar gallipot in the 2 liters of the oil.

After we took a right amount of both components, we should dissolve the gallipot in the cedar nut oil and place this mixture on a water bath. Then you must stir it constantly since all the gallipot melt in the oil. So you can take it off the water bath, filter it and let that cool off. That is all, the turpentine balm is ready.

The finished balm should be stored in a tightly closed glass container in the dark cold place, the best in a fridge. And you should remember the sediment is formed in the balm on the long storage. Therefore you must shake the container with balm before every use.


Applications in cosmetology

Because of reach content and unique properties, the cedar gallipot is actively used in care of skin, hair and nails. Last time natural products are used in cosmetology more and more. The cedar gallipot is a suitable replacement for expensive cosmetic procedures.  

The most popular way in the use of the cedar gallipot in cosmetic is preparing of the turpentine balm based on the cedar nut oil with the gallipot concentration from 10 to 12%. Such turpentine balm will be nice gift to your beauty and health from the Siberian nature because it harmonizes the healing power of cedar gallipot with amazing properties of the cedar nut oil.

You can use the turpentine balm in the pure form. You can add it to your daily products for care (creams, masks, shampoos, conditioners and other).

It will be a double benefit to use the turpentine balm both externally and internally. It should remember that concentration of the cedar gallipot in the balm must not be more 5%.


Face skin care

The turpentine balm will be useful for any skin type including sensitive type of skin. Its use contributes to skin renewal at the cellular level. In this, skin is restored, becomes smooth and silky. The complexion gets better, the natural blush comes back.

  • For mature, fading and aging skin. The turpentine balm has a really amazing anti-age effect. The skin becomes younger, wrinkles are smoothed, age spots are removed and the face contour is improved.
  • For problem skin with acne. The balm cleans skin nicely and reduces inflammations. But attention! In the beginning of the use the amount of inflammations can be more. This is because the cedar gallipot as the part of the balm boosts processes of creating new cells. This leads to the organism begins to bring the inside inflammations to the skin surface filling vacated places by new health cells. And in this case you should keep the treatment until all the inflammations are disappeared and you have health and beautiful skin.
  • For oily skin. The balm very effectively cleans pores of skin. It also normalizes sebaceous activity and restores skin own balance.
  • For dry skin. The turpentine balm softens and nourishes dry skin. It enters deeply into the skin and provides intensive hydration. The balm eliminates skin irritations as well.

Besides, the turpentine balm can be used as a natural remedy for removing makeup. It will softly and carefully remove as well cosmetics as mud and dust from the skin. In addition, this is an ideal remedy for removing eye makeup. A pleasant bonus of this procedure will be strong and dense eyelashes as well as gentle and silky skin around your eyes.


Hair care

Use of the turpentine balm will help to solve any problem with your hair and head skin and will make you the holder of great hair:

  • Strengthening of hair. The turpentine balm normalizes blood circulation in the head skin, improves metabolic processes in skin tissue that leads to strengthening of hair roots. The balm prevents the hair loss and stimulates their growth.
  • Improving of a hair structure. Masks with the turpentine balm help to restore the hair structure along the entire length, smoothes and levels hair surface, making your hair shiny and strong. If you rub the balm into your skin you will very quickly solve the problem of brittle hair and split ends.
  • Improving of the head skin state. The turpentine balm effectively solves such problems as dandruff, an itch and an inflammation of the head skin. It cleans, tones the skin, normalizes sebaceous activity and eliminates skin irritations and peeling.
  • Hair protection. Regular use of the turpentine balm lets protect your hair against aggressive effects of environment (weather conditions, polluted air, the frequent use of hairdryer, chemical waves and masks etc.).


Lips care

In order to keep youth, smoothness and shine of your lips you have to take care of your lips thoroughly. Everyday rub 1-2 drops of the balm into your lips. Before this you should massage them with a soft and moisture toothbrush during 1 minute to scrubbing. Such everyday procedures are necessary to avoid small wrinkles and peeling of the lips.  The balm moisturizes the lips and makes them soft, smooth and bright.


Neck and neckline care

Thin skin of the neck is ageing very rapidly, wrinkling and crinkling. Regular use of the turpentine balm in the pure form or as a part of your usual cream helps to keep your neck youth, to smooth wrinkles and make your skin of the neck more firm and lift.


Hands and nails care

Every woman wishes to have as well beautiful and dainty hands as long and strong fingernails. But what do we do if everyday our hands are exposed aggressive effects of environment (weather conditions, household chemicals) with the result that skin of our hands became dry, rough, with wrinkles and our nail become weak and brittle.  How would we protect them?

In that case our amazing balm can help us again. You can rub it into the hands skin and nails instead of cream or as a part of your daily hands cream. You can also make a bath with some drops of the balm for your hands. In the most severe case of deep cracks you should apply the balm onto your hands with rubbing then you should wear cotton gloves and keep them all the night. After some procedures your hands will be like a young girl’s hands. Skin of your hands will be soft, smooth and silky. Your nail will be strong with health color.


Foot care

Because our heels carry load of our own weight, they become dry, rough with peed pain cracks. To solve this problem you can rub the turpentine balm into your heels. You can do such rubbings everyday or even some times a day until this problem is eliminated. After that you can keep care of your heels with just the cedar nut oil. By that care the skin of your heels will always be soft and gentle like baby’s skin.


Body care

Use of the turpentine balm in the body care will lets you feel like in an expensive SPA:

  • Baths with some drops of the turpentine balm. Such baths not only have a healing effect on the body and soul but positively influence on the body skin making it health and beautiful.
  • The turpentine balm is very nicely suitable for as well a massage as daily care of the body skin. It has mighty anti-inflammatory and regeneration effects. It smoothes your body skin, make it elastic and young.
  • Also the balm is an ideal means to fight cellulite because it has a nice detox effect. Also it contributes to clean of the body skin, improves the blood circulation. In this the skin is powered by vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You can use the balm in the pure form or as a part of finished anti-cellulite remedies improving its effect.



  • Individual intolerance to components of the cedar gallipot. It is recommended to test for an allergy before the use. For this you need to apply some quantity of the product onto your wrist or elbow inside. If you have no an allergic reaction in a 12 hours (irritant, rash) you can apply the gallipot.
  • Before the internal use of products based on the gallipot, consult a doctor especially in cases pregnancy, lactation or childhood under 12 years.
  • It is not advisable to use the gallipot internally if you have hyperacid gastritis or kidney deceases.


Storage conditions and shelf life

Unique property of the natural gallipot is that it doesn’t age and keeps its healing properties over the centuries. It is the only feature that the gallipot hardens quickly under influence of oxygen. It is rather difficult to use the gallipot in this solid form. You can solve the problem by heating it a little bit.

With regards to preparing remedies based on the gallipot, you must store them in the dark, dry and cold place but not more than 3 months.

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