Cedar nut oil

Cedar nut oil 502514720is the unique vegetable oil which has no parallels in nature. In taste and healing properties the cedar nut oil has no competitors among other vegetable oils. This is the delicacy. Everyone likes gentle nutty flavor of it.

In Russia the cedar nut oil is extracted from cedar nuts, the seeds of the Siberian cedar. The Siberian cedar is an evergreen coniferous tree, a representative of pine trees. It grows mainly in the Eastern and Western Siberia and Altai region.

You can see more information about cedar nuts, its useful properties and origin here.



Externally, the oil is a transparent liquid with thick consistency. This substance has beautiful golden color, pleasant taste and delicate nuts aroma.



The cedar nut oil has unique content. Its useful properties are best compared with properties of other famous oils. There are the following main elements of the cedar nut oil content:


Fat acids

The fat aids content is 95%. This is the high content of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat acids. In this the ratio of these acids is ideal for digestibility.

Saturated acids in percentage terms
Palmitic 4,791%
Stearic 2,453%
Eicosanoic 0,225%
Unsaturated acids in percentage terms
Linolenic (Omega 3) 0,317%
linoleic (Omega 6) 46,209%
Oleic (Omega 9) 25,221%
Gondoleic 0,74%
Pinoleic 18,954-20,046%
Skidonic 0,794%
Eicosadienoic 0,296%



Name Content (mg per 100 mg of the oil) Daily consumption rate (mg)*
А (каратиноиды) 31 6
E 55 10-12
D 0,07 0,0025
B1 1,6 1,1-1,2
B2 1,7 1,5
B3(PP) 14 15


Minerals (macro- and microelements)

Name Content (mg per 100 mg of the oil) Daily consumption rate (mg)*
Potassium 650 2-3
Sodium 195 3-6
Calcium 110 800-1000
Phosphor 840 1200-1600
Magnesium 552 350-500
Iron 19 10-15
Copper 4 2-5
Manganese 16 5-10
Zinc 20 10-15
Iodine 0,6 0,1-0,2

* Recommended norms of consumption are calculated for adults


Amino acids

The content of cedar nut oil includes 19 amino acids of famous 26, involving all essential acids (tryptophan, phenylalanine, valine, lysine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, arginine, histidine).


Methods of producing

There are several ways to receive the oil from cedar nuts:

  • Cold pressed method. Kernels of cedar nuts are placed in a special press and the oil is obtained by steady pressure increase. The advantage of this method is that the oil keeps all the vitamins and bioactive substances and can be used in the treating of different deceases. But at the same time this method is the most expensive. To obtain 1 liter of the oil, it must required not less than 3 kilos of cedar nuts at least. The oil obtained in this way has a high price.
  • Thermal extraction method. This way is that the kernels of cedar nuts are grinded then this mass is heated and rinsed with hot water. The oil is floated up to the surface than it’s collected, avoided from excess moisture and filtered. This method is more productive and cheaper. But the oil has less useful properties because many bioactive substances are destroyed in the thermal processing. That oil is usually used in cooking but not medicine.
  • Chemical extraction method. In this way the kernels of cedar nuts are grinded and placed to special chemical solution. This solution extracts the oil from the kernels. The oil thus obtained is used in perfumery, industry and other technical purposes.

In our production we use the only cold pressed method. We never add any artificial colors, flavors and preservatives to our products. We never dilute our oil with any cheaper oils. And as the result, we obtain the natural product of very high quality with rich vitamin and mineral complex.


Applications in medicine

  • The cedar nut oil is used in the prevention and treatment of colds and infectious illnesses. It boosts immunity as well.
  • The oil improves metabolism and digestion, reduces appetite, therefore it is applied very effective to lose excess weight and to treatment diabetes.
  • The oil has anti-age effect and slows down the processes of cell ageing. Also it protects the body against free radicals and thereby prevents cancer. Regular use of the cedar nut oil evacuates by the body toxins and heavy metal salts. Because of this the oil is recommended to everyone who works and lives in regions with bad environmental situation and/or unfavorable climatic conditions.
  • The cedar nut oil increases chemical blood content, contributes to making hemoglobin in the blood and decreases the level of holesterol.
  • The oil is applied in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular system, for stabilizing of arterial pressure and blood circulation, for strengthening of blood vessels. These healthful properties of the oil help to protect the body against atherosclerosis, infarcts, strokes, venous thrombosis.
  • The cedar nut oil has positive influence on nervous system, helps to regain energy tone and working capacity. Its regular use also has good effect in the treatment of psychological and emotional disorders (insomnia, depression etc.) as well.
  • The oil has complex restorative effect on the human organism. It is very useful during rehabilitation after a surgery or deceases, hard physical or psychological loads, nervous stresses.
  • The healing oil is used as adjuvant in the treatment of digestive disorders (deceases of stomach and intestine, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis) and also in the treatment of kidney or bladder deceases.
  • The oil is included in comprehensive prevention and treatment of deceases and injuries of musculoskeletal system and related neurological conditions (arthrosis, osteohondrosis, arthritis, rheumatism).
  • It normalizes hormonal male and female balance. Regular consumption of the cedar nut oil increases male potency. It is used in the infertility treatment as well.
  • Consumption of cedar nut oil very recommends to pregnant and lactating women. It helps in the period of intrauterine development and to induce lactation. Consult with a doctor before the use.
  • The oil can be successfully applied in the treatment of dermatological deceases and skin injuries (acne, seborrhea, different dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, trophic ulcers, skin burns and frostbites).
  • The cedar nut oil is very effectively in the comprehensive treatment of eye deceases and to regain the sight.
  • Also the consumption of oil is recommended to children in order to health strengthen and prevent any deceases.


Ways to use and dozes

For taking inside:

The cedar nut oil in the pure form is taken in 1-2 teaspoons 1-3 times a day 30 min before meals. The container with oil is recommended to shake before the use.

To children is recommended to reduce a dosage: 0.5 of teaspoon 1-2 times a day. Consult with a doctor before this and specify the dosages.

The course of treatment is 1 month at least. For the best results it’s recommended to repeat this course not less 2 times a year.


For external use:

In the treatment of skin deceases the cedar nut oil should applied on the sore spots 1-2 times a day. Course of treatment is 1 month. If it is necessary you can repeat the course after 1-2 weeks break.

In the treatment of burns or frostbites you can apply the oil compresses until complete recovery.

For rhinitis or colds you can use the oil as a nose dropper: a single drop to each nostril 1-2 times a day until recovery.

In the treatment of eye deceases you can apply the oil as eye dropper: a single drop to each eye before bedtime and/or 15-20 min before waking up. It should clarify that the cedar nut oil is the only oil which you can drop to your eyes. The oil has very tiny structure therefore it is easily absorbed to the eye retina. After dropping thin film is appeared on the surface of the eye but it is out in a few minutes.

If you want to rich the best effect, mix both internal and external use of the oil.

Attention! It is very important! If  you use the oil for the treatment of deceases you must not heat it because It loses the main part of useful properties in this case.


Applications in cosmetology

For today under modern conditions (bad ecology, artificial food products, chemical cosmetics) the skin&hair natural care has been become more and more popular. And exactly the cedar nut oil, because of the richest content, can be great helper and even real savior in your beauty care.


 Face skin care

The cedar nut oil is universal and suitable for any skin type:

  • This product is especially suitable for dry and thin skin type. The oil nourishes and hydrates your skin and also restores the natural balance of skin moisture.
  • Also this oil is very effective for oily and problem skin type. It normalizes the sebaceous glands work and helps to avoid excess skin oiliness. Because of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the cedar nut oil contributes to avoid acne and other skin imperfections. It helps to prevent any skin deceases.
  • The cedar nut oil is a nice helper with care of aging skin. It use rises resistance and elasticity of skin, smoothes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of the new ones.
  • Also this product is nicely suitable for sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic and it relieves irritation and reddening as well.
  • Besides, the cedar nut oil has sunscreen property (SPF is about 5%). In this it is effectively used to as protect from sunlight as give a beautiful golden tan.
  • The cedar nut oil is often applied as makeup remover. For this purpose the oil is usually used in the pure form. It excellently clears skin from cosmetics, also dust and dirt. The main advantage is the oil is ideally suitable for eye makeup removing because it doesn’t dry delicate skin around eyes and takes care of it.

For today you can look for many different receipts in the Internet how to apply the cedar nut oil for your health and beauty. You can add the oil to your daily care products (cream, lotion, balsam, mask, etc.) improving their benefits. But it is most effective to use the oil in the pure form. It is a better to do it before bedtime because some time is required to absorb the oil to skin. In a pinch, just delete excess oil from the skin with dry napkin.


 Care for hair and scalp skin

Many people have been known about beneficial oil influence on the hair health for a very long time. It provides most effective care for hair, doing them strong, beautiful and health. Regular use of the cedar nut oil gives the following advantages:

  • Restores hair structure and avoid split ends of hair;
  • Stops and prevents hair loss;
  • Strengthens hair growth and reinforces their roots;
  • Eliminates drying and irritant of scalp skin;
  • Gets rid of dandruff.

If you have problems with scalp skin or want to stop hair loss you can massage the oil into your scalp 1-2 hours before washing. The oil can be used as in the pure form as with your hair mask. To improve hair structure, in addition to massage into the scalp skin, you can distribute the oil over hair length especially the ends.


Nail care

Because of reach mineral and vitamin content, the cedar nut oil is nicely suitable for nail care. As well the regular massage with the oil into nails and cuticles as the oil baths for hands and nails makes your nail strong and skin around them very soft.


Care for the skin of hands, feet and all the body

The cedar nut oil is very effective in the struggle with cellulite and excess weight. It contributes to restore skin resilience and elasticity, to stimulate the metabolism in the dermis:

  • Very interesting way of the cedar nut oil use is a bath with some drops of the oil. That procedure gives real bliss to your body and makes your skin beautiful and resilience.
  • Not less effective method of the oil use is a massage with the cedar nut oil (in the pure form or with the massage oil mixture).
  • Besides, the cedar nut oil will help with such problems as dried and hardened skin of hands, feet or elbows. Regular massage with the oil into problem places will help to eliminate skin dry, peeling or cracks.
  • To protect skin against sunshine but also to get a beautiful tan you will have to apply the oil onto your face and your body skin about half hour before going on the sun.

To reach maximum effect in the skin&hair care it is recommended to mix external use of the cedar nut oil and it taking inside.

Also to get doubled benefits from the oil using in cosmetology you can prepare the healing balm based on the cedar nut oil and the cedar galipot. In Russia that balm has been named the turpentine balm. You can see more information about the cedar gallipot, this balm and their amazing properties here.


Applications in cooking

It is generally believed that a product is the more useful, it is the less tasty. The oil of cedar nuts is the pleasant exception to the rule, because it taste and useful content is better than many other famous oils. And that’s way, a long time ago, the cedar nut oil is a delicacy. It can turn a simplest food into delicious dish. Because of delicate nutty flavor, gentle aroma and pleasant golden tone, this oil is widely used in culinary arts.

The cedar nut oil can be used in preparing of different dishes. But you should keep in mind that’s not recommended to pretty heat the oil. In this case the oil loses vitamins and bioactive substances. Therefore it’s not recommended to use the cedar nut oil for frying as well. Besides, it’s not very economically because the oil is rather expensive.

The cedar nut oil is mainly used as salad and cold snacks dressing. The oil is perfectly combined with majority of products: meat, cheese, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Also the cedar nut oil can be added in already finished meat, vegetable dishes and garnishes to make them amazing nutty flavor.

An addition the oil to canned products helps as to make their taste better as to prolong their shelf life.

Besides, this unique oil can be applied in vegetarian menu. The cedar nut oil is very nutritious like animal fats. And it is easily absorbed by human body.



  • Individual intolerance to components of the cedar nut oil. The natural oil practically doesn’t have the contraindications. But very seldom, the use of it can cause allergy. Therefore it is necessary to be careful before.
  • Also it will be very advisable to consult with a doctor before use of the oil.


Storage terms and shelf life

The cedar nut oil should be store in dry cold place protected against sunshine. The fridge is an ideal place for the storage of the oil. Also the oil should be placed into the sealed glass container (for example, into a glass bottle).

Shelf life of the cedar nut oil is 9 months from the production date. By compliance with conditions of the oil storage the oil will have keep its taste and benefits until the end of that period.


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