Cedar nut oilcake

мини-жмыхOilcake of the cedar (pine) nuts – this is what remains of cedar (pine) nuts after cold pressing which is used to squeeze the cedar nut oil. Despite this, the cedar nut oilcake is a full product since it keeps all vitamins and minerals as well as the cedar nuts and even about 30% of the cedar nut oil. So the cedar oilcake is a valuable product that is actively used in medicine and cooking.




Externally, the cedar oilcake looks like rolled oats or muesli. It has sweetish taste with a slight bitterness. Its fragrance is cedar (pine). As a whole, externally, the cedar oilcake looks almost like the cedar nut, just very dry because of without oil.



The cedar oilcake has content as well as the cedar nut, not including fats. The oilcake has much a smaller amount of the fats. Besides fats, the content of the cedar oilcake includes the following components:

  • Proteins. The cedar oilcake has a rather big amount of proteins which includes a high content of amino acids that are necessary for optimal functioning of the body. The further advantage of the proteins is that they are very easy to digest.
  • Carbonhydrates. Also, it should be noted that the content of the cedar oilcake includes a high quantity of carbohydrates which are very easy digest as well as the proteins. Also this is a rather big amount of carbon fibers (up to 5%) and at the same time a minimum quantity of fructose and sucrose.
  • Vitamins. Vitamin A, E (tocopherol), B vitamins (B1, B2, B3).
  • Minerals. A big quantity of magnesium, phosphor, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt. The cedar oilcake is a natural source of iodide. Another microelements: calcium, potassium, silicon, vanadium, molybdenum, nickel, iron, tin, boron, sodium, silver, aluminum).


The caloric content of the cedar oilcake is, on average, 432 Kcal per 100 gm of product.

Energy value of the cedar oilcake

Proteins 31г
Fats 19г
Carbons 33г



In the view of nutritionists the cedar oilcake is a one of the best natural biologically active additives. Regular use of the oilcake in a not big amount (1-3 tablespoon a day) helps keep the body health for a many years:

  • The cedar oilcake has been an active use in nutrition. This is the one of the best diet products. It not includes cholesterol, normalizes metabolic processes in the body. Also it decreases an appetite thereby contributing to excessive weight loss.
  • The cedar oilcake is an ideal sport supplement. The oilcake is a source of proteins that are easy digest. Besides because of its reach vitamins and minerals content the oilcake is very helpful to support the sportsmen during periods of high physical loads, for example sport competitions.
  • Gynecologists recommend to include the cedar oilcake to the daily menu during pregnancy. Regular use of the oilcake contributes to normal as well physical as mention child developing.
  • Besides the cedar oilcake is very useful during postpartum period. It has a feature to increase lactation. In the old days if woman was out of milk she fed the baby mixture based on the cedar oilcake. For this the cedar oilcake was grinded into flour and then watered down. At now this drink is named “The cedar milk” and it is a really health product.
  • Because of a unique vitamins content and big amount of amino acids, the cedar oilcake improves the immune system. And this is the one of the main features of the product.
  • The taking the cedar oilcake has a complex restorative effect on the body. Therefore it is recommended to regular use the cedar oilcake as a part of the rehabilitation after a surgery or a severe.
  • In addition, the health content of the cedar oilcake enriches the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals and also removes toxins from the body.
  • The use of the cedar oilcake is very useful for the nervous system, psychological and emotional state.


The cedar oilcake as well as the cedar nut is helpful as a part of complex therapy in the treatment of the following deceases:

  • Digestive system (deceases of stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder);
  • Cardiovascular system (to boost state of the heart, blood and blood vessels);
  • Musculoskeletal system (to improve joints and bones);
  • Urinary and reproductive systems, hormone balance restore;
  • Respiratory system, visual and hearing organs;
  • Skin deceases (different infectious and inflammatory deceases or skin lesions).


Applications in cooking

The use of the cedar oilcake in cooking as well the cedar nut is rather widespread. The cedar oilcake is a health product which has pleasant taste and fragrance. It goes great with many other products. But at the same time the cedar oilcake is a diet product. It caloricity is much less than the caloricity of the cedar nuts. And it not has cholesterol as well.

You can add the cedar oilcake into different salads, snacks, sauces and even cereals to make them unique nut aroma and delicious taste. And it helps to enrich your food the proteins that are very easy digest.

Cook specialists often add the cedar oilcake into baked goods and even into bread. If you grind the oilcake into flour you can replace some quantity of base flour with the oilcake flour. So you can improve baking taste and make it more useful.

You can also prepare so many different desserts with the cedar oilcake! This is muesli, different oats and even ice-cream. It should be noted that the cedar oilcake goes good with cheese.

The cedar nut oilcake can be used in the raw form in cooking. You can also toast them lightly without oil that makes its taste brighter and its fragrance more pronounced.


The cedar milk

In addition to all the foregoing you can prepare such an amazing product as the cedar milk from the cedar oilcake.

Method of its preparing is very easy. At first grind the cedar oilcake into flour. To the cedar flour slowly add some water with constant stirring until you reach required density. Then leave received liquid mixture to insist about half an hour and after that filter it. The health and diet product with gentle creamy nut taste is ready!

 You can use the cedar milk as separate drink. And you can add it instead of milk cream into the tea, coffee or cacao. You can cook very taste and useful cocktails and smoothies based on the cedar milk. Also the cedar milk is suitable for cooking of different desserts, sauces and for adding into the baking.

In addition this unusual drink can be a real assistance for the people who have an allergy to cow’s milk (intolerance to lactose).



The cedar oilcake practically doesn’t have any contraindications to use. The only exception can be intolerance to the cedar nuts. Also it should bear in mind that the content of the cedar oilcake includes gluten because some people have an allergy to gluten.


Storage rules and shelf life

It is recommended to store the cedar oilcake in a dark and cold place. The ideal place is a refrigerator.

  • The best storage packing for the cedar oilcake is a glass container with a cover. It shouldn’t to close the cover loosely in order to the cedar oilcake won’t suffocate. You can replace the cover with a piece of fabric tying it around a neck of the container.   
  • If you compliance with the rules of the storage the shelf life of the oilcake will be about a 3 months but no more. If you use a freezer for the storage of the oilcake its shelf life will be double.

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