Chaga mushroom

resizeChaga mushroom is an amazing creature of nature. Biologically chaga is a kind of mushrooms. It is a tinder fungus (polypore) but is non-toxic, medicinal. When you see something like a dark knar on the trunk of the tree in the deciduous forest this is the chaga.

Very often this mushroom is also called “the birch chaga” since mainly it is emerged on the trunk of the birches, the most popular tree in Russia. Growing from small spoor to up the great size, this polypore pulls out all the useful substances from the birch throughout life. So the chaga gets all the benefits of the birch. And even though the chaga mushroom is the parasitic fungus for the trees, it is the valuable cure of nature for the people.

This mushroom has long been used in the medicine. The Persian scientist Avicenna has been mentioned the chaga benefits in his scientific treatises. In the last centuries the doctors of different countries describes the amazing features of the chaga and their experience to heal many severe deceases using this mushroom.



Externally, chaga is the irregularly shaped knar of black color. Its surface is covered with many little cracks. Inside the mushroom has a dark brown tone getting the lighter the closer to the trunk of tree. Since the chaga mushroom becomes solid very quickly. After collecting it is usually crushed to store and use conveniently.



The chaga mushroom has a unique chemical content which includes many bioactive elements. It can note the most important among them as folllowing:

• Water soluble chromogens;
• Flavonoids;
• Alkaloids;
• Organic acids (oxalic, acetic, formic, tartaric);
• Chaga acid;
• Tannins;
• Phytoncides;
• pterins;
• Sterols ;
• Phenol;
• Melanin;
• Minerals (magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum, silver etc.);
• Polysaccharides;
• Fiber;
• Tar.


Benefits in medicine

The one of the main benefits is its ability to slow down the growth of malignant tumours. The chaga mushroom is an efficient support in the fight against cancer.

There are rumors that the people have cancer much less often in places where there is a tradition to drink a potion of the chaga instead of tea. Therefore this birch mushroom has long been used in the treatment of cancers as well independently as a part of therapy. The most pronounced effect is in the beginning stage of decease. In this, tumor growth is slowed down, pains are decreased and the total state of health is improved. For a reason, medicine has officially recognized the chaga as a medication in the cancer treatment. The first medical product based on the chaga has already put on sale.

Besides, these medical products are recommended for both internal and external use in the following cases:

Deceases of the digestive tract (a stomach and intestine ulcer, gastritis and etc.). Internal use of the chaga soothes the inflammation, restores the mucosal tissues and contributes to ulcer scarring. In parallel, the intestinal microflora are recovered and the work of all the digestive system is normalized.

Deceases of the blood and the cardiovascular system (hypertension, atherosclerosis and other disorders of heart work). Because of its complex of mineral and biologically active substances, the birch chaga strengthens the heart muscle and walls of the blood vessels, cleans the vessels from cholesterin, stabilizes the blood pressure. In addition to this, the chaga has an ability to improve the blood chemistry.

Dermatological deceases (psoriasis,eczema, different kinds of rash) and skin damages such as scratches and injuries. You can reach the most effect by mixing both internal and external use of the chaga.

Neurological deceases (osteohondrosis, radiculitis, different types of neuralgia, neuritis, etc.). The use, both internal and external, lets soothe a pain and an inflammation, reinforce the blood circulation in the sore place.

Rheumatic deceases (arthritis, rheumatism, podagra, osteoporosis, systemic lupus erythematosus and so on). The chaga is used to eliminate the blood congestion in the sore place. Thanks to its reach content, the tissue regeneration is activated and the gouty deposits are vanished.

Deceases of the reproductive system. Internal and external use of the chaga allows to solve practically any problem of the reproductive system, male or female. It helps to normalize the hormonal balance as well.

Disorders f the central nervous system. Benefits of the chaga help to avoid stress and depression, insomnia. And they help to stabilizes psychological and emotional state.

Endocrine disorders (deceases of the thyroid gland, diabetes, obesity). Use of the chaga contributes to evacuate from the body heavy metals and radioactive nuclides disrupting the work of the thyroid gland. It also improves metabolism and normalizes the level of blood sugar.

Deceases of the airways (pneumonia, bronchitis and even tuberculosis). You can to use the chaga as well internally as in the form of inhalations.

Deceases of the ENT – organs (tonsillitis, otitis, rhinitis, etc. It is a better for you to use mouthwashes and drippings with potions based on the chaga.

Eye deceases (conjunctivitis, cataract, glaucoma). The chaga is a leader among folk remedies healing eye deceases and strengthening the eye sight. The chaga includes substances activating the biological reactions in the eyes.

Mouth deceases (periodontosis, periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, etc.).

Besides, the cahag mushroom can be used for the prevention the deceases mentioned above and also for a complex restorative and renovation of the body as a whole.


The ways to use

You can use both internal and external use of this unique nature product for the prevention and treatment of deceases.

There are a lot of different receipts of taking the chaga inside in folk medicine. These are tea and potions, different balms and infusions. The choice depends on a kind and difficulty of decease.
For the prevention of deceases and complex recovery of the body, the most popular means is the tea from the chaga mushroom. You can use this amazing drink instead of usual tea or coffee. It is prepared very simply. The chaga tea has a mighty positive effect on the body and makes it young, beauty and health.

External use of the birch chaga is when you use the chaga remedies for mouthwashes, inhalations, drippings and compresses. The chaga infusions with alcohol can be applied to rub the sore places.
At the present time the chaga is used in pharmacology as well. There are different medical products based on tha chaga for the treatment and prevention of cancer and digestive deceases.



• Individual intolerance to components of the chaga mushroom;
• Disordered work of an intestine, colitis, dysentery;
• Severe disorders in the liver, kidney;
• Period of pregnancy, period of lactation childhood under 12 years;
• Mixed use with antibiotics (penicillins) and with glucose.


Special instructions to use

• Consult with a doctor before use of the chaga;
• During the treatment follow the lactovegetable diet, limit meat and animal fats, delete the entire spicy, smoke and canned food;
• During the treatment delete entire alcohol and nicotine.


Storage terms and shelf life

It is recommended to store the dried chaga in paper bags, carton boxes or sacks from fabric that breathes. The chaga needs “to breathe”. The storage place must be dark, dry and cold.

If you follow these conditions the shelf life of the chaga mushroom is up 2 years.

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