Good day! Tell me, what are the conditions of purchase and delivery your products?
What is the acid value of seabuckthorn oil?
For years, I buy sea buckthorn oil and walnut, pumpkin recently tried, very satisfied with the quality of the product !!!
Thank manufacturers !!! I wish you all the best !!! Let the products your company is good and health of people !!! I want to believe that with the growth in production volumes of the product quality will not suffer!))) Best wishes!
Good day! I am a happy mother of newborn baby, can i drink the cedar food oil ?
Welcome! I bought pine sap 5% for child support immunity. Can you give me the correct dosage for my child of 2 years old. Thanks in advance for your reply.
Hello, please tell us what there is a difference in the oil manufacturing methods. So on one of the packages of cedar oil published- cold-pressed, on the other - by cold pressing. Thank you in advance!
Welcome! Please tell me how much can be stored in the refrigerator cedar and sea buckthorn oil after opening (only 3 months) ??? And whether it is possible to mix these oils for beauty treatments (hair)?
Good afternoon! Tell me, please, on the following question: in the store we bought your walnut oil production, it has a bitter taste and the bitter smell of nuts (such as when they are rancid). When we asked a question, he said that everything depends on the varieties of nuts and butter can taste bitter. Please tell us about your oil: from what it is made of walnut cultivars and whether taste bitter? Maybe just the wrong dealer kept it? Before that we were buying oil from other well-known manufacturers, and it is not bitter, it is very soft and pleasant, but this time - the bitterness that even in the throat tickle. Thank you.
Good afternoon! I bought today your cedar oil. Confused that there is no taste of pine nut. Two years ago, I bought in the Siberian pine nut oil. It was taste and there is awesome smell and it was not so liquid. And you what?
Welcome! Thank you for the products that you produce. I have a question for you, and at the same time requested. Tell me, please, cedar oil and cedar sap both taken orally: before meals, after meals or in between meals? 1/2 tsp or 1 tsp 2 times a day - this is understandable. And please: very much that you used in the description of the product as it is possible to take oil, sap and other young children up to 3 years and after 3 years.. I would be very grateful if you would answer me, including about children. Sincerely, Julia.
You have have a new product - the oil from pumpkin seeds. We have not ordered this, tell us what it is useful?
Hello, I live abroad, in Germany, I would very much like to order your products, because many have heard about your company, whether to deliver the products to Dresden possible?
Good day! Whether the payment directly to your bank card is possible?
Good day! For whom it is recommended to use oil of pine nuts?
Hello, how I can to apply Castoreum?
Good evening, tell me, it in the cake of pine nuts is much less sugar, so it is even more useful than the actual kernels, is it?
Hello, what is the composition of your product mumie?
Hello, what are the contraindications to treatment mumie?
Good afternoon, for what purpose it is necessary to take peanut butter?