Fir (Abies Sibirica) essential oil

fotolia_64959247_subscription_monthly_m-1-323x215Fir essential oil is known for its healing properties for a long time. And today this unique oil is one of the most popular essential oils in folk and official medicine, cosmetology and perfumery.

The fir essential fir oil is obtained from different kinds of fir. The most valuable essential oil is essential oil of the Siberian fir.

The Siberian fir (Abies Sibirica) is a coniferous tree, the kind of pine trees. This tree is a rather common tree over all the Russian territory mainly the Eastern and Western Siberia, Altai region. For a long time this evergreen beauty has been as “Sacred tree”. It has given health to the people which have rightly used its unique healing properties.



The essential oil is obtained by processing of needles and young shoots through a steam distillation. The fir essential oil is a natural and organic product because the Siberian fir is a rather “capricious” tree and grows just in ecologically clean regions where the air is not polluted.

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The fir essential oil is transparent liquid, colorless or yellowish tone. It has a fresh and brightly pronounced coniferous fragrance.



The content of the fir essential oil is unique. It contains of more than 35 bioactive elements in the balanced ratio. It can identify the most important of them, as below:
• Bornylacetate is the main and the most important component of the fir essential oil, the complex mixture of borneol and acetic acid (the bigger the content of bornylacetate in the fir oil the more this oil is valuable);
• Monoterpene hydrocarbons are chemical active elements occurring in nature rarely;
• A big amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (tocopherol);
• Organic acids (lauric, oleic, capron etc.);
• Tannins;
• Phytoncides;
• Carotene;
• Camphor.


Applications in medicine

Many believe that the fir essential oil can help in the treatment of practically any decease therefore this oil is also named “Wood mumiyo”. The main properties of the fir essential oil are following:

– antiseptic ; – antivirus; – bactericidal; – anti-inflammatory; – healing; – analgesic; – regenerative; – warming; – tonic; – sedative.

The fir essential oil has an amazingly healing effect when different illnesses. Taking the fir oil in the form of tea or mixture contributes to complex body recovery and strengthening of the immune system. You can also use the fir essential oil for aromatherapy and room disinfection that very useful as well during decease as for prevention. Besides massage of your back, chest or feet with the fir essential oil can give to you a warming effect. After massage you should put pair of wool socks and warm up properly under a warm blanket. It is a better to do it before sleep.

If you have a strong cough and rhinitis inhalations the fir essential oil will be very useful for you. You can to drip the diluted oil into your nose. In this you should not be afraid of a burning sensation in the nose. The sensation goes away usually in a few minutes.

If you have angina (tonsillitis) you can grease your glands by the pure fir essential oil. This procedure should be carried out through every 2-3 hours until you feel better.

Treatment of joints with the fir essential oil will be very effective since the fir oil has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory features. It is widely used in the therapy of such deceases as osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism etc. Also you can use the fir essential oil if you have got an injury, fracture or muscles pain after physical loads. In all these cases you can apply this oil in the pure form or as part of treatment ointments for rubbings or compresses.

The fir essential oil is very useful for the cardiovascular system. It is available to restore the blood circulation and normalize the blood pressure. Also the fir oil cleans and tones blood vessels, improve the blood chemical content.

The fir essential oil is often used as a added element in the treatment of urological and gynecological deceases.

Because of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties the fir essential oil is very effective in the treatment of different skin deceases. This oil as well consumes pathogens as eliminates inflammatory and contributes to quick healing of skin. Such features make the fir oil valuable in the treatment of burning and frostbites. In that case you must mix the fir oil with any fat means. It may be other base oil, cream or animal fat.

Besides the fir essential oil heals fungal deceases. Baths with some drops of the fir essential oil are very useful in these cases. These baths help to avoid excessive foot perspiration.

The fir essential oil positively effects on the nervous system. It can help to avoid the stress, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders. It can return a life tone and a harmony back as well.


The ways to use in folk medicine

The fir essential oil is mainly used as an external treatment means. And you can apply it internally as well. Getting in the fir essential oil doesn’t decay in a stomach and an intestine but it gets into the blood and enriches it with vitamins and minerals. But you should the fir essential oil only in the diluted form (just some drops and not more) or as a part of different mixtures, tinctures or balms.

You must not take the fir essential oil in the pure form as well as on an empty stomach. Also the total amount of the fir oil must not be higher than recommended dosages to avoid poisoning.

The main approach of the fir essential oil applying is its external use. Most often it is used for rubbings. For this you should mix the fir essential oil (some drops) with other base oil or any fat. You can also apply the pure fir oil. But you must be careful in that case because it can lead to skin irritant.

Other common approaches of the external use are baths with the fir essential oil, inhalations, and mouthwashes. You can use this essential oil in aromatherapy.


Applications in official medicine

Despite official medicine treats with caution to folk healing remedies, it does not deny healing properties of the fir oil. Even Hippocrates mentioned this wonderful elixir.

Modern medicine including pharmacology widely uses camphor that contains in large quantities in the fir essential oil. Camphor is used in preparing of camphor alcohol, ointments and solutions for injections. Also it very often is a part of different medicaments.

Besides the fir essential oil is effectively used in official medicine for the treatment of airways deceases, bronchial asthma or also dermatological deceases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


Applications in cosmetology

Because of its amazing content, the fir essential oil is widely used in cosmetology. It very effectively in the face skin care:

  • The fir essential oil is the first assistant in care of aging, fading and mature skin. It is a mighty natural antioxidant. Regular use of the fir essential oil as a part of cosmetics (creams, masks) will make your skin younger and smooth small wrinkles.
  • Also the fir essential oil is successfully applied in care of oily and problem skin. It has pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which are used in the treatment of acne (pointwise, in the pure form). Cosmetics enriched by the fir essential oil eliminate skin irritant and redness, clean the pores of skin and normalize the sebaceous glands.

Among skincare the fir essential oil is very effective in care of hair and the head skin. Regular applying of the fir oil, for example, as a part of cosmetics or handmade masks, is available to make your hair health and beautiful. The fir essential oil strengthens hair roots making them stronger and shiny.
Also the fir essential oil helps to solve such problems as dandruff and oily skin of your head. Because of the reach chemical content, the fir essential oil normalizes the sebaceous glands and because of its antifungal features the fir oil lets eliminate the dandruff.



  • It is prohibited to take the fir essential oil in cases of inflammatory deceases of a stomach or an intestine. The fir oil has the chemical active content which can cause irritant of affected mucous membranes.
  • Kidney or liver deceases, epilepsy.
  • Period of pregnancy and lactation, childhood under 1 year.
  • Individual intolerance to components of the fir essential oil. You can have an allergy to the fir essential oil. It is necessary to test for the allergy before use. You should apply an oil drop onto your skin. If you have no an allergic reaction in a 24 hours (irritant, rash) you can use the fir essential oil.
  • It is not recommended to combine the taking of the fir essential oil with alcohol to avoid different complications.


Conditions of storage and shelf life

Since all essential oils are degraded under influence of sunshine and oxygen you should to store the fir oil into a tightly closed glass container in the dark place. The temperature of the storage should be from 0 to 25 degrees.

If you follow these conditions the shelf life of the fir essential oil is up 2 years.

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