Moomiyo (Shilajit)

2-3-768x512What is a moomiyo (mumie, shilajit)?

At the present time it is very difficult to look for the modern person who never heard about the moomiyo. It can be explained the people have been used this amazing product for healing purposes for a long time ago. Its fame in medicine has been increased steadily.

Excerpt from Wikipedia: Shilajit is known universally by various other names, such as mineral pitch or mineral wax in English; black asphaltum, asphaltum punjabianum in Latin; also locally as shargai, dorobi, barahshin, baragshun (Mongolian); mumlai (Farsi); tasmayi (Kazakh); brag zhun (Tibetan); chao-tong, wu ling zhi (Chinese which generally refers to the excrement of flying squirrels); baad-a-ghee (Wakhi for “devil’s feces”); arkhar-tash(Kyrgyz). The most widely used name in Russia is mumiyo (variably transliterated as mumijo, mumio, momia and moomiyo).

Moomiyo is a organic – mineral product which has a natural origin and is widely used in alternative medicine.  Externally, the moomiyo is pieces of inhomogeneous solid mass in the different form and size. These pieces have an uneven or granular, matt or shiny surface. It has also fragile or elastic consistence with vegetable, animal and mineral inclusions. It is a resinous substance with brown, dark brown, inhomogeneous black color and specific odor. Rocks, soil, plants, animals and microorganisms take part in the formation of the moomiyo.

The moomiyo is formed as small excrescences in the cracks of the rock mountain crests and on the walls of the caves and grottos as well. There are many theories of a moomiyo origin. It has been suggested that different kinds of the moomiyo have a different origin.  The moomiyo can be a result of natural processing and mineralization of animal and insect remains, tree roots, soils and rocks.

Moomiyo deposits are found in many regions of the world such as Russia, India, Mongolia, Iran, Arabia, Indonesia, Australia, Burma, South America, China, Nepal, Afghanistan and some countries of North-Eastern Africa. But despite the rather large habitat the moomiyo deposits are very rare and small. The moomiyo can be restored but the restoring period is about 200-300 years and more.

In Russia the most famous kind of the moomiyo is altai moomiyo (Altai region) also known as “altai gold”.



The moomiyo removed from impurities is homogeneous mass of elastic consistence with shiny surface. It has dark brown or black color, peculiar aroma and taste. In storage the moomiyo loses the moisture that make it solid.



The moomiyo is a difficult natural organic – mineral complex of bioactive elements that includes more 80 components.

The main groups of bioactive elements:

  • Lipids, in particular, fats acids.
  • Macro- and microelements. This is practically all the elements of periodic table. It is a very high amount of elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphor, copper, sodium, sulfur, iron, nickel.
  • Amino acids.


  • Tanning agents;
  • Coumarins;
  • Carbamides;
  • Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12;
  • Organic acids



  • Immunostimulatory. Moomiyo is a complex restorative remedy to normalize the body functions and increase the resistance to deceases.
  • Regenerating. The natural product contribute to the cell formation and regeneration all the body tissues and systems.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. These properties of the moomiyo are causing by the high content fat acids, tanning agents, macro- and microelements.
  • Antiseptic. The natural balm can be use both externally for the skin disinfection and internally for the body detox.
  • Analgesic. The moomiyo is available to decrease a pain syndrome of any etiology.
  • Tonic. The moomiyo positively effects and tones as well the metabolic processes as all the body functions.
  • Anti-aging. This organic and mineral complex is widely used in cosmetology for the body health and beauty.


What does the moomiyo heal?

The moomiyo is applied in the treatment and prevention of deceases of any body systems:Sceleto-muscular system. Because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties the moomiyo provides support for the healing of joints and bones (osteohondrosis, osteoarthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis), fractures, injuries and muscle pains. Use the moomiyo both internally and externally (in the form of compresses and so on) for the most effect.

Skin. The moomiyo is very effectively used in the treatment of skin deceases (psoriasis, eczema, furuncles, akne, seborrhea and different skin infections). The product is applied externally as a component of creams, ointments, masks, compresses etc.). Because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, the moomiyo helps nicely in the treatment of different fungal deceases.

Gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestine, pancreas, liver, gallbladder). The moomiyo is used as an antiseptic, a anti-inflammatory and choleretic remedy in the healing of deceases such as gastritis, gastroduodenitis, a stomach and duodenal ulcer, hepatitis, pancreatitis, gallbladder deceases). The moomiyo regulates the bowel movements as well.

Urinary system (stones in the kidney or urinary bladder, cystitis, erosions and inflammations in the urinary system and also male or female infertility). Men can apply the moomiyo for the prevention and treatment of impotence and prostatitis.

Cardiovascular system. Use of the moomiyo increases the blood vessels elasticity and the heart muscle work thereby decreases a risk of cardiovascular deceases (a heart failure, hypertension, atherosclerosis and so on). The moomiyo is applied in the periods of recovering after a heart attack or stroke as well. 

Blood. The moomiyo has properties that are necessary in the treatment of anaemia and to rise up hemoglobin in the blood. Moomiyo bioactive substances take part in the blood formation to make it better. Also the moomiyo is a blood thinner product that was confirmed by scientific research. And therefore the moomiyo is used successfully in the prevention and treatment of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.

Respiratory system. Moomiyo use helps to heal airway deceases (pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis etc.). Also the moomiyo very effectively in the prevention and treatment of respiratory illness including ENT deceases.

Nervous system. For centuries, the moomiyo has been applied in the healing of different neurological deceases (radiculitis, plexitis, neurodermatitis, different kinds of neuralgia, head pains, epilepsy) and nervous disorders. The use of this product improves the cerebral circulation when the brain cells are enriched with oxygen.

Psychological and emotional state. Regular use of the moomiyo makes you stress-tolerant and avoids you from annoyance or conversely apathy.

Organs of sight. The moomiyo is very often used in cases of infection and inflammatory eye deceases. Many people say the moomiyo even can help to improve an eye sight. In the treatment you can use the moomiyo as well internally as in the compress form. In some cases you can prepare the solution with moomiyo to drip to the eyes.

Mouth, gum and teeth. Use of the moomiyo is very effective for periodontal deceases, any gum mouth inflammations, tooth pains. In that case, it is recommended to mix moomiyo taking inside with it external using in the form of risings, washing or rubbing into gum.

Sugar diabetes and obesity. Because of its reach mineral content, the moomiyo can be used in the complex prevention and treatment of diabetes. The moomiyo contains many macro- and microelements which help to regulate a glucose level in the blood and insulin production. Also the moomiyo has such a very important property as metabolism improving which helps to prevent obesity.

Elimination of parasites. In many countries that product is successfully applied as an anti-parasitic remedy.


The ways to use and dozens

The most popular kind of use is taking inside in the form of solution based water or milk. Below are the dozens.

General recommendations to taking are following: you should take the moomiyo solution 2-3 times a day. The first taking must be on an empty stomach, immediately after awakening. The second is 1 hour before lunch. The last is before bedtime but not earlier than 2 hours after food. The treatment course is usually 25-30 days. If it is necessary you can repeat the course after 10-15 days break.


Dozens of the moomiyo in according to body weight

The weight, kg


Once taking, gr. Day taking, gr.
under 70 kg 0.2 0.6
under 80 kg 0.3 0.9
under 90 kg 0.4 1.2
more 90 kg 0.5 1.5



Dozens of the moomiyo in according to child age

The age


Once taking, gr. Day taking, gr.
Under 1 year 0.01-0.02 0.03-0.06
Under 5 years 0.05 0.15
Under 10 years 0.4 1.2
Under 14 years 0.1 0.3


The most effect of use of the moomiyo is both internal and external applying. There are so many receipts of external applying of the moomiyo but we concentrate on the main of them:

  • Local applique, greasing. For the greasing you should prepare a water solution with concentration from 10 to 30% of the moomiyo. The appliqué with the moomiyo means to stick a piece of stretched moomiyo to a sore place (to stretch the moomiyo you should heat it). Then you should cover a plastic bag over the appliqué and roll up by a bandage.
  • Rubbing into skin. For that it is mainly used ointments based on the moomiyo. You can buy such ointment in a pharmacy or make it yourself. There are a lot of receipts how to make it in the Internet.
  • Compresses. If the previous method is rather difficultly you can use compresses with solution or ointment based on the moomiyo. For that, you should impregnate a piece of fabric in the healing remedy and apply to a sore point. Then as well as appliqué you should cover a plastic bag over the compress and roll up by a bandage.
  • Drops with moomiyo. In that, concentration of the moomiyo depends on purpose of the use. For dripping to nose and ears you should prepare a moomiyo solution with the concentration in which color of the solution will be from transparent brown to nontransparent dark. For the dripping to the eyes, color of the solution must be light brown but not darker.
  • Enemas and irrigations. For those purposes you must use only solutions with small concentration of the moomiyo.


Applications in cosmetology

The moomiyo is used in cosmetology for centuries. It can be used as a part of as well finished cosmetics as handmade masks.  You can look for many receipts of such masks in the Internet.

The main useful properties of the moomiyo in skin care:

  • Masks with the moomiyo for the face skin help to produce actively the elastin which makes the skin elastic and the collagen which improves the skin tone. The moomiyo has a astringent effect in which number and depth of wrinkles are decrease.
  • The moomiyo regenerates the skin tissue perfectly. It makes the skin white as well as heals the scars after acne and makes them more invisible. The moomiyo also refreshes the skin giving the youth back.
  • Reducing the inflammations. Anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties of the moomiyo let the skin get rid of skin inflammations. Cosmetic and healing remedies wth the moomiyo are applied successfully in the prevention and treatment of acne.
  • Removing toxins. The moomiyo is very effectively cleans the skin pores out and normalizes the skin proper balance that makes the moomiyo an ideal remedy in care for oily and problem skin.

Also the moomiyo is effectively used in hair care. Regular applying of masks, balms, shampoos with the moomiyo helps to forget forever about problems with your hair. The moomiyo has a balanced content of useful elements making your thin or damaged hair great.

  • The moomiyo is the perfect choice for hair strengthening. It reinforces the blood circulation in the head skin. The moomiyo contains useful elements which get inside hair follicles quickly and deeply thereby making hair stronger and stimulating hair growth.
  • The moomiyo successfully helps with hair loss. To decide this problem the use of the moomiyo requests much less time and money than another remedies. If you choose this natural product you can see high effectiveness even after some uses. And you will forget about your problem with hair loss .
  • The moomiyo helps to eliminate dandruff, itch and peeling of the head skin. Because of its disinfectant, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, the mountain tar lets avoid the dandruff rapidly and effectively as well as soothe the skin irritation.
  • Also the moomiyo is very suitable for oily head skin. Masks with the moomiyo have a drying effect and normalize oily balance in the skin.



  • Individual intolerance to components of the moomiyo;
  • Pregnancy and lactation periods;
  • Oncological deceases, the moomiyo can accelerate cancer cell growth;
  • It is prohibited to drink alcohol during the period of the treatment;
  • If your blood clotting is low since the moomiyo can be like blood thinner.


Storage terms and shelf life

The moomiyo doesn’t request any strict limits. It is recommended to store the moomiyo into a waterproof package in the dark and cold place. At room temperature the moomiyo gets solid because of evaporating moisture from it. In this the moomiyo doesn’t lose its healing properties.

Shelf life of the moomiyo depends on a storage form. The whole product can save its useful properties for many decades. If you prepare a solution with moomiyo you must know the shelf life of this solution cannot be more than two weeks. The finished solution must be stored in a fridge.

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