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Pine essential oil is one of the popular essential oils and have a lot of useful properties. There are many areas of the use of the pine essential oil such as medicine, cosmetology, aromatherapy, perfumery, house chemicals and so on.

The main source of obtaining of the pine essential oil is the Scots pine. Although there are more hundred kinds of this evergreen tree the most valuable essential oil is obtained from the Scots pine.

The Scots pine is an evergreen coniferous tree, the most widespread kind of pine trees. Despite its name this tree is amazing and even it can be said unique. The fact that the Scots pine is so widespread says a lot. The pine habitat is very big and covers as well all Europe as Asia that shows its ability to adapt to any weather conditions. And its healing features were famous even in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

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The pine essential oil is obtained by processing of different components of the pine such as buds, needles and young shoots through a steam distillation. Finished product has a rather high price since it is necessary to process not less than half a ton of raw materials in order to get about one liter of the pine essential oil.



Externally, the pine essential oil is transparent oily liquid with a fresh coniferous fragrance. It can have a slightly yellowish color.



Content of the pine essential oil includes terpenes, simple and complex alcohol (cadinene, bornylacetate, borneol,  dipentene, camphene, pinene, phellandrene), phytoncides, camphor and also vitamins B, E, K. Besides the essential oil of the pine is a reach source of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).


Applications in medicine

The most important properties of the pine essential oil are following:

– antiseptic; – antivirus; – antibacterial; – anti-inflammatory; – diuretic; – healing; – expectorant; – immune-modulating;       –  tonic; – antifungal.

The pine essential oil and healing products based on it are very effective in the treatment and prevention of the following deceases:

The pine essential oil is famous as a mighty means to treat different illnesses. The taking of the pine essential oil in the form of healing tea or mixture exerts a complex body restorative and increases an immunity thereby shortening a decease period. Also in these cases it very effective is aromatherapy with the pine essential oil in order to clean the air from pathogens and fill room with a fresh pine fragrance.

Because of its expectorant feature the pine oil will be very useful in cases of airways deceases with strong cough since it is available to clean lungs from moisture quickly. Besides the pine essential oil can eliminate infections of the airways. In these cases the pine oil can be used both internally in the diluted form and externally in the form of inhalations.

Also these procedures with the pine essential oil will be useful in case of runny nose. The pine oil helps to eliminate swelling and inflammation and also reduces to minimum different complications.

The use of the pine essential oil gives amazing results in the treatment of dermatological deceases. Skin specialists often prescribe this product of the coniferous wood in case of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin deceases.

Generally the pine essential oil is very effective in the struggle practically with any infectious decease including infections of a urinary tract and different fungal deceases. That so mighty effect of the pine oil is due to high level of phenols and acid which let to fight against pathogens.

Use of the pine essential oil is very helpful in cases of deceases of the musculoskeletal system (osteohondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis and others) and also injuries and fractures. Local use of the pine oil will help as well to avoid inflammation, redness and swellings as to eliminate a pain. Also it is available to decrease a muscles pain after physical loads. To reach the most effect it is recommended to have a bath with some drops of the pine oil.

Because of its cleaning and stimulating properties the pine essential oil is used for cleansing of the organism. Regular use of the pine oil helps to remove toxins from the body, clean the blood and the blood vessels thereby improving the blood chemical content. The pine essential oil contributes to stimulate the bowels as well.

The essential oil of the pine has an antioxidant feature that is allowed it to neutralize free radicals. Thereby processes of body aging are slowed down and it is a prevention of cancer deceases.

Besides the pine essential oil influences on the nervous system positively.  In according to many explorations this oil improves psychological and emotional state, energy and also quickly restores the body after as well emotional as physical loads. This oil is necessary for irritable and aggressive or disturbing people. It helps to such people to cope with difficult more quietly.


The ways to use in medicine

The pine essential oil is used both externally and internally. Getting in the pine essential oil doesn’t decay in a stomach and an intestine but it gets into the blood and enriches it with vitamins and minerals. But must be taken in account you should the pine essential oil only in the diluted form (just 1-2 drops and not more) or as a part of different mixtures, tinctures or balms.

! You must not take the pine essential oil in the pure form as well as on an empty stomach.  Also the total amount of the pine oil must not be higher than recommended dosages to avoid poisoning.

The main approach of the pine essential oil applying is its external use. Most often it is used for rubbings. For this you should mix the pine essential oil (some drops) with other base oil or any fat. You can also apply the pure pine oil. But you must be careful in this case because it can lead to skin irritant.

Other common approaches of the external use are baths with the pine essential oil, inhalations, and mouthwashes. You can use this essential oil in aromatherapy as well.


Applications in cosmetology

Apart from the fact that the pine essential oil is famous as a treatment means it also is widely used in cosmetology.

The pine oil is a part of many cosmetics to the face skin care. Also there are a lot of receipts of the use of the pine essential oil independently at home. The pine oil has the following useful properties:

  • to make the face skin younger because of its antioxidant feature;
  • to eliminate facial edema and improve complexion;
  • to stimulate the collagen, smooth small wrinkles and raise elasticity of skin;
  • to block the pathogens activity and reduce inflammations;
  • to clean the pores of skin deeply;
  • to regulate the sebaceous glands and oily skin.

Besides the pine essential oil is widely used in the hair care for its strengthening and prevention hair loss. Regular use of the pine oil in the care of hair gives the following results:

  • to avoid from dandruff and irritant of the head skin;
  • to strengthen hair roots and stimulate hair growth;
  • to improve structure of hair;
  • to make hair strong and shiny .


Applications in perfumery and house chemical

Because of its brightly pronounced coniferous fragrance, the pine essential oil is widely used in perfumery, cosmetic and house chemical production. It is applied as an aromatizer in the production of soap, bath, deodorants and other cosmetics. Also the pine oil as an aromatizer is a part of many fresheners, cleaning agents and so on.



  • It is prohibited to take the pine essential oil inside in cases of inflammatory deceases of the digestive system. The pine oil has chemical active content which can cause an irritant of damaged mucous membranes.
  • Kidney or liver deceases, epilepsy.
  • Period of pregnancy and lactation, childhood under 1 year.
  • Individual intolerance to components of the pine essential oil. You can have an allergy to the pine oil. It is recommended to test for the allergy before use. For this you should apply an oil drop onto your skin. If you have no an allergic reaction in a 24 hours (irritant, rash) you can use the pine essential oil.
  • If you have hypertension you should to use the pine essential oil very carefully since it can lead to the blood pressure higher.
  • It is not recommended to mix the use of the pine essential oil with alcohol.


Conditions of storage and shelf life

Since all essential oils are degraded under influence of sunshine and oxygen you should to store the pine oil into a tightly closed glass container in the dark place. The temperature of the storage should be from 0 to 25 degrees.

If you follow these conditions the shelf life of the pine essential oil can be about 2 years.

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